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Quay podcast: market shifts, portfolio performance, and what the RBA will do next

Quay’s Chris Bedingfield talks with Bennelong’s Dave Whitby about how markets have changed over the past four months and where the current opportunities are in listed global real estate.

Storage shed


“In the lead-up to that big vaccine news, we had been increasing our weighting to what we would call the ‘COVID-sensitive sectors’ … mainly because our process was telling us that these were the interesting sectors. So when the first of the vaccines were announced, some of those stocks rallied 20, 30, 40%, and pleasingly we were there to capture most of it.”




·       1:13 – How global events over the past four months (including the US election, COVID vaccine roll-out, and rally in the AUD) have positively impacted Quay’s portfolio and performance

·       3:24 – Sector updates within the portfolio, including why the team is currently including office (and continuing to see storage as attractive)

·       7:36 – After accurately predicting an interest rate drop, what the team thinks the RBA will do next – and the role that central bank actions have (or not) in driving equity market returns

·       11:59 – Why global real estate has underperformed the equity market, and why the team believes the current policy headwinds will turn into tailwinds

·       14:15 – Apartments vs houses – what’s next for the surging residential housing market, and markets in general


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