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Investment Perspectives_interest rates
Investment Perspectives: Aussie interest rates are heading for zero (again)
In the absence of a change in fiscal policy, the consumer and policy cycle will repeat until interest rates approach zero (again).
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9 April 2024
Quay_NAV comparison
Investment Perspectives: Comparing price to NAV - is there predictive power?
We’re often asked how the price for our investees and our overall portfolio compares to its underlying asset value. In particular, we’re asked whether the current market price is below or above the book or direct property value of the REIT’s assets.
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29 February 2024
Investment Perspectives_2024 outlook
Investment Perspectives: Global real estate - the outlook and themes for 2024
In the aftermath of a volatile macroeconomic year, this article delves into the global real estate outlook for 2024, highlighting some interesting themes across senior housing, retail, industrial, Japan and data centres.
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14 February 2024
Investment Perspectives: 12 surprising charts for your Christmas stocking
As we near the end of a volatile macroeconomic year, we look at some of the interesting trends in global real estate and consider what's to come. 
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7 December 2023
Is now a good time to buy property?
Livewire's Signal or Noise assembled the country's top property experts for their annual show focused on the Australian housing story.
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21 November 2023
IP_higher for longer
Investment Perspectives: What does 'higher for longer' mean for real estate?
While recession is seemingly off the table after a strong September quarter, many are now expecting an interest rate environment that's 'higher for longer'. This article explores what this means for the real estate sector. 
Articles 7 min read
8 November 2023
Quay IP_housing rates
Investment Perspectives: The housing fate from interest rates
As interest rates rise, investment activity falls, reducing activity across the construction sector. This article discusses the impact interest rates are expected to have on future residential supply. 
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11 October 2023
IP_disinflation tailwind
Investment Perspectives: A big disinflation tailwind is coming
With the US economy showing signs of accelerating growth despite rising interest rates, Chris Bedingfield discusses the impact of shelter costs in driving disinflation. 
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6 September 2023
Quay podcast
Quay podcast: How high rates are impacting REITs
Quay’s Co-Principal and Portfolio Manager, Justin Blaess, speaks with Bennelong Account Director, Jodie Saw, about the impact of high rates on REITs (less of an issue than most expect), the mismatch between supply and demand (the main drivers of return), the opportunities emerging globally, and Quay’s long-term earnings outlook.
Podcasts 13 min listen
4 September 2023