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The future of retail in a post-COVID world | Quay Global Investors

"It’s easy for us to say shopping centres are a chore. But for a lot of people, they’re not. They’re actually a day out – a way to catch up with friends, get something to eat, see interesting stores and products."


Join Quay Global Investors’ Co-Principal and Portfolio Manager, Chris Bedingfield, as he explores the future of the retail sector with Holly Old, Account Director Investments (VIC, TAS) at Bennelong Funds Management.


  • 01:03 – Why the disconnect between GREITs earnings and performance is resulting in significant long-term opportunities for investors

  • 03:43 –The fundamental differences between this period and the global financial crisis, including the impact of government responses

  • 06:57 – Why negative leasing spreads are misunderstood

  • 10:47 – The potential (and surprising) short and long-term impacts of COVID on retail

  • 15:48 – How shopping centres will need to evolve in future to stay ahead of the curve

  • 17:38 – How same store sales and rent numbers affect the value of a company, and why rent: profit is the metric that really matters

  • 21:20 – What’s keeping the Quay team awake at night – and why they feel so comfortable about the portfolio

As mentioned in this podcast, read Quay’s Investment Perspectives article on the myths and misconceptions of retail property.

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