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Outstanding SQM rating for Quay Global Investors

SQM has upgraded Quay Global Investors, a Bennelong boutique, to its highest rating category of "Outstanding" (4½ stars).

The rating indicates that SQM believes the Quay Global Real Estate Fund "most often outperforms its peers and benchmark" and that "management is extremely experienced and skilled and has access to significant resources".

SQM stated it considers the fund to be highly suitable for inclusion on Approved Product Lists (APLs). The rating follows the fund's recent listing on the Wealthtrac and ANZ Grow Wrap platforms.

Jonas Daly, head of retail investment sales at Bennelong Funds Management, said the upgraded rating and platform listings are tribute to the strength of Quay's team and investment process.

"Quay's focus on achieving absolute returns in listed real estate securities, combined with strong and disciplined risk management to reduce downside risk, has enabled it to generate excellent performance for investors.

"Since the launch of the strategy by Chris Bedingfield and Justin Blaess in 2014, the fund has returned 15.1 percent, outperforming the index* by 4.5 percent p.a. after fees and charges (at 28 February 2019).

"Quay invests through the economic cycle, while also taking advantage of select counter-cyclical opportunities and maximising tailwinds from macroeconomic themes.

"This allows the team to identify opportunities for outperformance across all economic conditions," Jonas said.

In its report, SQM said: "The fund has displayed strong performance across all periods against both benchmark and peers" and "has outperformed its benchmark on 90% of rolling one-year periods since its inception".

It also noted the strength and experience of the team, stating: "The investment personnel of the Quay Global Real Estate Fund are eminently capable, averaging about 20 years' experience in the industry. The investment team has highly relevant prior experience in funds management and real estate".

The fund is also available on BT (Wrap and Panorama), Hub24, Macquarie Wrap, Netwealth and Powerwrap.


* FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Index

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