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29 September 2021 20 min listen

Quay podcast – Evergrande and the global real estate sector

Listen as Chris Bedingfield gives an update on the G-REIT market.
27 September 2021 20 min listen

How to invest in real estate without buying property

Chris Bedingfield joins the Fear And Greed podcast to discuss his career and global listed real estate.
23 July 2021 20 min listen

Quay podcast: housing, retail, office and interest rates

Quay’s Chris Bedingfield speaks with Bennelong’s Holly Old about the team’s latest Investment Perspectives article, 10 charts we’re thinking about right now.
20 April 2021 19 min listen

Quay podcast: why we aren’t worried about inflation

Chris Bedingfield discusses inflation and how COVID has changed the office sector.
Storage shed
22 February 2021 17 min listen

Quay podcast: market shifts, portfolio performance, and what the RBA will do next

Quay’s Chris Bedingfield talks with Bennelong’s Dave Whitby about how markets have changed over the past four months and where the current opportunities are in listed global real estate.
21 October 2020 24 min listen

The future of retail in a post-COVID world | Quay Global Investors

"It’s easy for us to say shopping centres are a chore. But for a lot of people, they’re not.
Is it time to start buying UK domestics?
28 April 2020 30 min listen

Podcast: portfolio and market update with Chris Bedingfield

Listen to Quay Portfolio Manager Chris Bedingfield discuss the current market environment.
BAEP portfolio & market update
25 November 2019

Portfolio and market update with Chris Bedingfield - November 2019

Listen to the latest portfolio and market update from Chris Bedingfield (Principal & Portfolio Manager - Quay Global Investors) as he discusses a range of topics.
2 March 2017

Beyond bricks and mortar - insights into global listed real estate

Chris Bedingfield, Principal and Portfolio Manager at Quay Global Investors, discusses the global investment opportunities presented by listed real estate
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