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Quay podcast: why we aren’t worried about inflation

Chris Bedingfield discusses inflation and how COVID has changed the office sector.


“We don’t lose sleep over inflation, that’s for sure. We probably lose more sleep over variants of COVID coming back, or economies going back into shutdown, or another deep recession. They are things we’d be concerned about, but definitely not inflation.”


Quay’s Chris Bedingfield discusses his latest Investment Perspectives article with Bennelong’s Camelia Seric, including:

  • 1:38 – Why inflation is more than just price increases and, as a result, why Quay isn’t particularly concerned about it at the moment
  • 5:21 – Why US residential rents and supply numbers aren’t pointing to a rise in CPI (and the bond market isn’t necessarily a good indicator
  • 9:11 – How excessive government spending could point to inflationary risk further down the track, and the benefit of owning hard assets at or below cost to build

  • 14:05 – How variations in working arrangements could affect the office sector (and Quay’s investments) as well as business culture, and where Quay sees opportunities in the sector

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