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Quay IP 82
1 September 2022 8 min read

Investment Perspectives: Why rising interest rates aren’t working (yet)

It’s been a volatile year. High inflation, along with actual and expected high interest rates, have roiled markets across equities, fixed income, commodities and real estate.
quay ip 81
18 August 2022 16 min listen

Quay podcast: the latest trends in housing, retail and venture capital

Chris Bedingfield speaks with Holly Old about the team’s latest – and highly popular – Investment Perspectives article, 12 charts we’re thinking about right now.
quay ip 81
5 August 2022 10 min read

Investment Perspectives: 12 charts we’re thinking about right now

The latest trends in housing, retail and venture capital – and what they mean for investors.
inflation panic
20 July 2022 5 min read

Investment Perspectives: REITs and navigating the inflation panic

It’s been a tough six months; not only for listed real estate, but for most risk assets as well. Even the natural portfolio risk dampener, sovereign bonds, has suffered. 
Quay Global Investors Insights
10 June 2022

Quay wins Investment Leadership Award

Quay Global Investors’ Global Real Estate Fund (Unhedged) has taken out the award for International Listed Property in this year’s Investment Leadership Awards, for the second year in a row.
6 June 2022 5 min read

Investment Perspectives: Thinking about industrial (and Qantas and Netflix)

In global real estate, there has been no sector that has enjoyed more demand tailwinds over the past 10 years than industrial.
16 May 2022 16 min listen

Quay podcast: Inflation, interest rates and industrials

Quay’s Chris Bedingfield and Bennelong’s Carl McMinn discuss the changing market environment, what’s ahead for the sector, and how Quay is positioning the portfolio – rising interest rates or not.
3 May 2022 5 min read

Investment Perspectives: What does the REIT equity risk premium tell us about the sector?

Listed real estate has performed well relative to broader equities, again proving itself a defensive asset class during periods of high inflation and rising interest rates.
5 April 2022 6 min read

Investment Perspectives: Hedging against inflation – gold or real estate?

In August last year, we highlighted that real estate (listed and direct) tends to outperform equities during periods of high inflation.
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