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27 March 2023

Introduction to Quay Global Investors

Learn about Quay’s history, investment philosophy and global real estate strategy with co-founder, Justin Blaess.
Quay Global Investors Insights
21 March 2023 3 min read

Central bank policy and rising interest rates a distraction for Australians

Focusing on central bank policy is more of a distraction than anything else for Australians looking to purchase property, according to Chris Bedingfield, principal and portfolio manager of global real
Is the Aussie residential market bottoming
7 March 2023 4 min read

Investment Perspectives: Is the Aussie residential market bottoming?

A stall in national house price declines while interest rates keep climbing has sparked yet another national debate on the future direction of the Australian residential market.
Quay_Livewire web banner_Part 3_230227
27 February 2023 6 min watch

Why the true value of real estate comes back to the cost to rebuild

Using comparable sales as a measure of value for real estate is a trap. Here's how you should be valuing property instead.
Quay_Livewire web banner_Part 2_230227
20 February 2023 6 min watch

The silver tsunami about to hit global property markets

One of the biggest opportunities in property markets is starting to hit, and Quay argues it's largely economically insensitive.
Quay_Livewire web banner_Part 1_230227
13 February 2023 7 min watch

Don’t be distracted by the RBA when it comes to residential property

House prices and interest rates are hot topics, but it's not the complete residential property story.
10 charts for optimism
10 February 2023 9 min read

Investment Perspectives: 10 charts for optimism in 2023

The macroeconomic outlook has been uncertain for the past few years, with many bracing themselves for a recession.
10 January 2023 2 min read

Quay Global Real Estate Fund added to CFS FirstChoice platform

The Quay Global Real Estate Fund (Unhedged) is now available on the CFS FirstChoice platform across its Wholesale, Super and Pension menus.
Quay podcast_recessions
13 December 2022 12 min listen

Quay podcast: are we headed for a recession?

Chris Bedingfield speaks with Bennelong’s Holly Old about the team’s latest Investment Perspectives article, The yield curve, recessions and soft landings; the big themes in global real estate right n
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