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Investor update: What the US election and a COVID vaccine means for real estate
25 August 2021 2 min read

Higher inflation can be a friend to real estate investors

When investing in real estate, higher inflation is more likely to be a friend than a foe, helping protect investment from supply side issues and driving up the residual value of improvements, says Jus
10 August 2021 5 min read

Investment Perspectives: REITs and inflation – where is the sweet spot?

We’ve often stated that real estate (listed and direct) tends to outperform equities during periods of high inflation and have previously cited the following chart as evidence of this dynamic.
23 July 2021 20 min listen

Quay podcast: housing, retail, office and interest rates

Quay’s Chris Bedingfield speaks with Bennelong’s Holly Old about the team’s latest Investment Perspectives article, 10 charts we’re thinking about right now.
10 July 2021 7 min read

Investment Perspectives: 10 charts we’re thinking about right now

The latest trends in housing, shopping, saving and interest rates – and what they mean for investors.
4 June 2021 5 min read

Investment Perspectives: Checking in on Kalecki

First quarter earnings are in, and profits are booming.
28 May 2021 1 min read

Quay wins Investment Leadership Award and fourth Fund Manager of the Year

Quay Global Investors has taken out two of the top gongs in the funds management industry.
6 May 2021 6 min read

Investment Perspectives: ESG and listed real estate

Over the past decade, ESG awareness, focus and reporting has been increasing among asset owners, companies, and investors alike.
20 April 2021 19 min listen

Quay podcast: why we aren’t worried about inflation

Chris Bedingfield discusses inflation and how COVID has changed the office sector.
6 April 2021 7 min read

Investment Perspectives: Six reasons to not worry about inflation

It’s that time in the cycle again. US bond markets and commentors are worried about inflation. But with US unemployment at 6.2%, should this be a concern?
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