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Quay Global Investors Insights
3 March 2021 4 min read

Investment Perspectives: Updating the ‘total return quilt’

The year 2020 was extraordinary for most risk assets. As we wrote in last month’s Investment Perspectives, the unprecedented fiscal response to the pandemic caught some investors wrong-footed.
22 February 2021

Global real estate as a store of value

Chirs Bedingfield and Morningstar's Lex Hall discuss the global property environment.
Storage shed
22 February 2021 17 min listen

Quay podcast: market shifts, portfolio performance, and what the RBA will do next

Quay’s Chris Bedingfield talks with Bennelong’s Dave Whitby about how markets have changed over the past four months and where the current opportunities are in listed global real estate.
US flags
4 February 2021 7 min read

Investment Perspectives: Let’s get fiscal

The year 2020 will be remembered for many events. Besides COVID-19, there were the Australian bushfires and US political turmoil. 
Bond yields
9 December 2020 5 min read

Investment Perspectives: Revisiting REITs and interest rates

With the spectre of COVID-19 now diminishing in the wake of new vaccines, some investors are rightly refocusing their attention on longer-term risks and fundamentals.
Investor update: What the US election and a COVID vaccine means for real estate
12 November 2020 4 min read

Investor update: What the US election and a COVID vaccine means for real estate

Recent market-sensitive events, including the outcome of the US presidential election and Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine announcement, have resulted in some significant swings in market prices across gl
5 November 2020 8 min read

Investment Perspectives: The economics of malls – myths and misconceptions

Chris Bedingfield addresses some of the myths and misconceptions of retail property to establish whether today’s depressed prices represent an opportunity or a trap.
21 October 2020 24 min listen

The future of retail in a post-COVID world | Quay Global Investors

"It’s easy for us to say shopping centres are a chore. But for a lot of people, they’re not.
Investment perspectives #61
5 October 2020 3 min read

Investment Perspectives: Real estate and COVID-19: an update

In June, we provided an update on the real estate market and some early observations regarding the impact of COVID-19
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