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Quay Global Investors Insights
7 March 2019

Outstanding SQM rating for Quay Global Investors

SQM has upgraded Quay Global Investors, a Bennelong boutique, to its highest rating category of "Outstanding" (4½ stars).
6 March 2019

Investment Perspectives: The great unwind of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, and whether it actually matt

Gyrations in equity markets over the past three months have been significant.
6 December 2018

Investment Perspectives: Will the US yield curve invert?

It’s been 10 years since the global financial crisis tore through markets in the months surrounding the collapse of Lehman Brothers in October 2008.
19 November 2018

What's ahead for Australian house prices?

On Your Money, Chris Bedingfield explains how an oversupply of dwellings and tighter credit conditions have made him bearish on Australian residential property – and just how far prices and inter
Quay Global Investors Insights
12 November 2018

Interest rates may be set to fall

Contrary to the general consensus outlook, interest rates are probably set to fall as Australia's household debt reaches an all-time high, according to principal and portfolio manager of Quay Global I
Quay Global Investors Insights
23 October 2018

New appointment for Quay as Global Real Estate Fund added to BT Wrap and BT Panorama

Quay Global Investors has appointed Gavin Truong to the newly created role of investment analyst, as the Quay Global Real Estate Fund is made available through the BT Panorama and BT Wrap platforms.
8 October 2018

Investment Perspectives: Don't judge a property by its building

Not long after my daughter turned five I took her to see her first movie, “Up”.
7 October 2018

Investment Perspectives: Australian interest rates - the next move is probably down

Our view is non-consensus, and we’re okay with that. For the most part, the economic consensus in Australia is that the next interest rate move will be up.
12 September 2018

Investment Perspectives: Twelve interesting charts right now

A picture paints a thousand words, as the saying goes. This month’s Investment Perspectives contains 12 charts that show some of the data and trends we think are really interesting right now.
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