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12 September 2017

Investment Perspectives: Australia, the lucky country (or is it?)

Since 2012, one of Australia’s biggest economic threats has been the collapse in mining investment.
22 August 2017

Investment Perspectives: Why (sustained) low interest rates are not always good for real estate

It has been an interesting month in the world of central banking. Talks of removing monetary stimulus in Europe and further increases in interest rates in the US continue to affect markets. 
Quay Global Investors Insights
9 August 2017

Alpha Fund Managers awards mandate to Quay

Alpha Fund Managers has awarded a mandate to global listed real estate manager Quay Global Investors (Quay), a boutique fund manager partner of Bennelong Funds Management.
4 August 2017

Investment Perspectives: Finding Monopoly's 'orange squares' in property investing

In the board game Monopoly, research has shown that on average, the orange squares are among the best investment propositions on the board. 
Quay Global Investors Insights
27 June 2017

Lonsec upgrades Quay Global Real Estate Fund to Recommended

Lonsec upgrades Quay Global Real Estate Fund to ‘Recommended
15 June 2017

What are some of the themes in global real estate?

What are some of the themes in global real estate? from Informed Investor on Vimeo.
8 June 2017

Investment Perspectives: The benefit of active investing and the importance of anti-themes

The importance of themes, megatrends and the benefits of active investing
24 May 2017

Technology 'echo boomers' and aging population set to boost global property returns

Global real estate is one of nine major asset classes.
11 May 2017

Investment Perspectives: Australian house prices and the law of unintended consequences

Are we nearing a tipping point? Topic of the week, month, year and decade. Australian house prices.
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