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12 September 2018

Investment Perspectives: Twelve interesting charts right now

A picture paints a thousand words, as the saying goes. This month’s Investment Perspectives contains 12 charts that show some of the data and trends we think are really interesting right now.
6 August 2018

Investment Perspectives: Stock in focus - Scentre Group

One of the advantages of a global mandate is the opportunity to identify and invest in some of the most unique and best run real estate companies in the world.
21 June 2018

How to win Monopoly in 3 easy steps

Monopoly is the ultimate real estate game – and it has a number of parallels for real life property investing.
5 June 2018

Investment Perspectives: Retail and residential population growth - the impact of demographics on real estate

Demographics really matter! The study of populations, how and where people move, is integral to real estate.
30 May 2018

Investment Perspectives: Banking on the boomers

Demographics is a broad topic. Last month we discussed the impact of demographics on various forms of real estate, focusing on the young – echo-boomers (apartments), Generation Z (student accommo
Quay Global Investors Insights
21 May 2018

Quay wins global property award

Quay Global Investors has been awarded the 2018 Money Management/Lonsec Fund Manager of the Year Global Property Securities Award for its Quay Global Real Estate Fund.
3 May 2018

Investment Perspectives: The building blocks of a portfolio

At Quay, one of our key investment philosophies is that investing today ought to ensure one’s ability to spend more in the future – that is, returns should always seek to beat the rise in the cost of
Investment Perspectives: The slow-moving beast - an update on global demographic trends
13 April 2018

Investment Perspectives: The slow-moving beast - an update on global demographic trends

The study of populations is integral to real estate.
Quay Global Investors Insights
22 March 2018

The only way is up: high inflation a positive for listed real estate

If inflation starts to rise around the world, as is currently predicted, it will be an overwhelmingly positive outcome for long-term real estate investors, according to a recent paper by global listed
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