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5 March 2018

Investment Perspectives: Going up - what high inflation means for listed real estate

At Quay, this is one of our key investment philosophies – investing today should ensure one’s ability to have more tomorrow.
7 February 2018

Investment Perspectives: Do rising bond yields hurt listed global real estate?

A decade on from the global financial crisis, Western economies are now growing in unison. US tax cuts passed before Christmas and continuing strong economic data are expected to further boost gr
7 December 2017

Investment Perspectives: The theoretical construct of the capitalisation rate, and why it matters

At Quay, our approach to global real estate investing is somewhat different to our peers. 
3 November 2017

Investment Perspectives: Why does real estate outperform equities?

Earlier this year, we spoke at the Bennelong Investment Forum. Our presentation included a number of charts, but for many, this one stood out
Quay Global Investors Insights
23 October 2017

Is Australia's luck about to run out?

There are signs that Australia’s future as the ‘lucky country’ is not as bright as many believe, according to a recent paper by Quay Global Investors.
12 September 2017

Investment Perspectives: Australia, the lucky country (or is it?)

Since 2012, one of Australia’s biggest economic threats has been the collapse in mining investment.
22 August 2017

Investment Perspectives: Why (sustained) low interest rates are not always good for real estate

It has been an interesting month in the world of central banking. Talks of removing monetary stimulus in Europe and further increases in interest rates in the US continue to affect markets. 
Quay Global Investors Insights
9 August 2017

Alpha Fund Managers awards mandate to Quay

Alpha Fund Managers has awarded a mandate to global listed real estate manager Quay Global Investors (Quay), a boutique fund manager partner of Bennelong Funds Management.
4 August 2017

Investment Perspectives: Finding Monopoly's 'orange squares' in property investing

In the board game Monopoly, research has shown that on average, the orange squares are among the best investment propositions on the board. 
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