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5 August 2016

Investment perspectives: Defining risk

Before we define risk, we must first define our investment objective. If we were to measure our investment objective relative to an index, risk is defined as variances to the index.
11 July 2016

Investment Perspectives: NAREIT REIT Week - thoughts and themes

At the start of June we attended the annual National Association Real Estate Investment Trust (NAREIT) conference in New York.
28 June 2016

Why global real estate?

Chris Bedingfield, Portfolio Manager at Quay Global Investors, discusses the benefits of investing in global real estate, sector themes and Quay’s investment strategy.
20 June 2016

Investment Perspectives: Thinking about Malls (Shopping Centres)

The month of May was particularly brutal for a number of US and Australian retailers.
10 May 2016

Investment Perspectives: Australian Sovereign Credit Rating (AAA) - does it matter?

It’s the time of year when the nation’s economic eyes turn to the Federal Budget. The fact we have an election in the following weeks adds more than the usual scrutiny to the “bottom line”.
12 April 2016

Investment Perspectives: Stock in focus Sun Communities (SUI)

Investment themes play an important part in the Quay investment process. Our regular readers would be aware of our favourable view towards parts of the US housing market.
16 March 2016

Investment Perspectives: Australian residential property - taking a different perspective

The National Rugby League (NRL) competition began this week. Over the years I have actively bet on the opening round in each season.
18 February 2016

Investment Perspectives: Are central banks losing their effectiveness?

Over the past five years, financial markets have moved in concert with changes in policy from central banks.
Quay Global Investors Insights
10 February 2016

Quay launches retail global real estate fund

Quay Global Investors has released a retail version of its successful wholesale fund, the Quay Global Real Estate Fund, which has delivered an annualised return of 27.1% since inception* (as at 31 Jan
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